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Frequently Asked Questions and Hire Conditions

Operating hours

Hours of operation of hire vessels are from 0700 hrs (7.00am) to 1600 hrs (4.00pm) daylight hours only.
Please note that return time for hire vessels from March to September is 3pm (1500 hrs) due to daylight saving.

Operating Area

The area of operation of the hire vessel are the inland waterways of Greater Sydney area, including Broken Bay, Pittwater, Brisbane Water, Hawkesbury River, Nepean River, Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour), Parramatta River, Botany Bay, Georges River, Port Hacking, Hacking River and the offshore waters within 5 (five) nautical miles (9 km) from the coast.

The area of operation for our Runabouts and Open Runabouts are "Smooth Waters" only as per RMS regulations and RMS Boating Maps - we provide these maps at the time of booking confirmation as well as on board our vessels.

The area of operation for our Bowriders are "Sheltered Waters" only as per RMS regulations and RMS Boating Maps.

Our vessels are strictly not to be beached other than for emergency situations.


The vessels are available for hire on open waters if the offshore swell size is 2 (two) metres or less and/or the wind speed is 20 knots or less. Also, the hirer must not operate the vessel in deteriorating weather conditions, (poor visibility) within bays, rivers, lakes or offshore. The Hirer must ensure that weather conditions are monitored at all times during the hire period. Should the weather deteriorate, it is the Hirer’s responsibility to return to shelter or to the retrieving facilities.

On Water Induction

First time Hirers will receive a safety and vessel operation briefing prior to using the hire vessel and complete a pre-departure operating safety checklist. The on-water safety briefing is intended to be informative and to make the Hirer familiar with the vessel features, safety equipment and controls. The Hirer will also receive a copy of The Vessel Operation Manual as well as Emergency Management Plan, both which are to be read before hiring the vessel.


Please contact us on 1300 694473 to book over the phone or you can place a booking enquiry through our website.


Oz Boat Hire requires a $250 booking deposit at the time of booking. The booking deposit will be credited towards your total hire cost. The balance will be due the day prior to the hire. We accept credit card, online bank transfer or cash.

We do not grant transfer/postpone bookings for rain alone. We do not transfer/postpone bookings within 72 hrs of the hire time (except for unsuitable weather conditions when agreed between the Hirer and Oz Boat Hire management) The transfer/postponement of booking to another date is valid for 3 months from the date of the original booking.Our hire rates are located on the hire rates page.

Security Deposit

Oz Boat Hire requires a $1000 Security Deposit for each hire period. The Security Deposit covers the insurance premium excess in the event that and any damage occurs to the vessel or the trailer. The Hirer is responsible for any damage for the duration of the hire. We accept credit card or cash for Security Deposit payments.

Should the hire vessel not be returned within the agreed time as stated on the Hire Contract and the Hirer is unable to be made contact with, it will be deemed that the Hirer has lost/stolen the vessel and Oz Boat Hire will take steps to regain possession, including Police action. The Security Deposit will be forfeited in that case.

Additional costs apply for a late return if not prearranged. An additional charge of $40 per 15mins will be charged for late return of the hire vessel. The Hirer must pay for any penalty notices that may be issued by any Marine Authority, occurring during the hire period.

The Security Deposit will be returned at the end of the hire period provided that the vessel has been returned on time, full of fuel and not damaged. If the deposit is paid for using a credit card, it will usually take up to 6 working days for the funds to be released by the respective financial institution.

If the Hirer has paid for the deposit using cash, the Security Deposit will be refunded upon return of the vessel. Any damage to the hire vessel or trailer will be deducted out of this deposit.


The Hirer is required give us at least 48 hours notice requesting cancellation of boat hire (except for extreme situations). In the event the Hirer requests cancellation within the 48 hours prior to vessel hire, Oz Boat Hire requires full payment for the hire booked. Please note that we do not refund booking deposits.

Boat Licence

Our hire vessels require to be controlled at all times by persons holding a valid NSW Maritime Power Boat Licence or an equivalent interstate or internationally recognised, accepted and valid permit (since the vessels are capable of travelling at a speed of over 10 knots). Additional persons controlling the vessel must be named on the Hire Agreement and must hold similar certification as the principal Hirer.

All Hirers and persons controlling the hire vessels must be at least 18 years of age, and must have held the Power Boat Licence for at least one year.

Hirers will abide by all Maritime Authorities, marine and environmental legislation, including being responsible for having Recreational Fishing Licenses for all anglers on board, if required.

Fuel Cost

Oz Boat Hire will supply the hire vessel at the time of handover with a full tank of fuel. We are delivering the vessel to the ramp for your use, we will refill the fuel tank on your behalf, supply a copy of the receipt and deduct the fuel cost from the Security Deposit. Alternatively, the Hirer can meet us at the petrol station agreed and can pay the fuel cost.